Welcome to the first issue of ‘INSITE’ for the term 2015 – 2017! To start with, if you think there is nothing officially authentic about the term ‘Dream Team’ as President Jadhav’s team is popularly known, well, it seems in all probability you may soon be forced to change it. ‘Dream or nightmare’ you can decide (Somebody’s dream is somebody else’s nightmare?). What I can truthfully assure you as the Hon. Secretary, is that there is but ‘nothing normal about this team’. Face it. Pratap Jadhav is insane! He lives, sleeps, eats and dreams IIID, 24x7! Worse, he expects others also to do the same as if nobody else has anything better to do. What is appalling is that he has freaked out some otherwise astoundingly sound and sane Council Members, ex-officio Chairmen and Managing Committee Members too who in toto seem to have got addicted to the new dynamic tempo of the IIID. Rumours are, that even primary members have got wind of the news and are tapping their feet to the beats of the new tune!

If you think the Hon. Secretary’s style of writing is debatable, my apologies! But then who here feels like a routine Hon. Secretary, doing routine jobs? Honestly, with all the endless ‘Mission Impossibles’ listed and put into action, we are talking about nothing short than ferocious battles fought simultaneously at numerous fronts, and I feel like a General at the warfront – Ground Zero!

Two more terms, and IIID will celebrate its Golden Jubilee! Almost 50 years! Don’t we need to ensure that – (a) The IIID flag is hoisted over a valid Constitution? (b) The flag flies in all the 29 states of our country? (c) All the 19 listed objectives of our mission are administered? (d) Get that ‘much needed recognition for our stature as a professional body? (e) Be there to take care of all professional issues with efficient helplines? (f) Take the cause of design to masses, in line with the motto – Taking Design to Masses? (g) Nurture a new enlightened generation via our focus area of education? (h) Touch each member of IIID with a significant gesture, with our committed policy “to Give”? and (i) Together awaken to a brave new world in Design? It is a battle for causes – many and difficult, but with the kind of zest and strategy put in place, IIID can make it. Take a look at our platoons in position! I mean committees, already fighting it out!