Dear Members of the IIID Family

Friends, we are at the final stage of this tenure. I have striven with my team beside me to bring in positive change through reform and activities. Bold policy decisions have been taken to improve the administrative performance of the organisation. We could achieve good public relations through media and our works in the public realm.

I do regret that the connection I was expecting with you all did not happen as much as required. Perhaps we need to pursue this expectation further. I appeal to all of you to personally write to me on about your observations and your critical views on what has been done so far. This would be crucial for our organisation to move forward. We are open to suggestions. We need you all to be involved in the growth of IIID.

We all have to be conscious about what is happening around us. I am writing this message on a very sad day for Indian Architecture. “The Hall of Nations Building has been demolished”. Despite several petitions and requests, it was “vanquished” overnight. It is we who could not save it. I join hands with all those who support the legendary Architect Raj Rewal and the legendary Structural Engineer Mr. Mahendra Raj. Their reactions were very touching “it is like losing one’s own baby“ said Raj Rewal, “the monument of Contemporary Architecture ‘The Hall of Nations’ is no more.”

I appeal to the entire fraternity to join hands with IIID in our mission of “Taking Design to the Masses”. Let us all be united and have a focus on the Common Agenda. Unless we sensitisethe general masses about good design, we cannot see a better society. Only IIID cannot do it, we need unified efforts. Numbers will give strength and voice that cannot be ignored. We owe a lot to the coming generation. Let us do it together.

On IIID front it is great going. I need to share this as we have focused our efforts for better education in Interior Design for the student from schools in collaboration with IIID we have announced six more scholarships from the current educational year. The Chapter/Centre are finalising and completing accounts and getting ready to hand over the baton. We are focusing on recovering dues from our members. May I appeal to you all to please pay your dues. You can do that online through our membership website, Kindly log in here with you five-digit membership number prefix 0 and password being your pin code of official address with IIID.

Let us build a strong organisation for a better tomorrow.

Pratap Jadhav, President – IIID