Want to tell a story through environmental experiences? - walk through the works of INSITE’s exhibition designers. They deftly curate their spaces bringing multiple disciplines together that inform, entertain and inspire us.Space makers, graphic designers, lighting experts, digital technologists, fabricators; each one demonstrating a mastery that explores ground breaking designs… all orchestrated by none other than the Masters of Design!!

Watch the passion with which Akshat Bhatt’s Make in India pavilion at Hanover Messe 2015 has been put together. Cultural symbols, vibrant colours, concepts that bring together the ancient Indian principles and the zeitgeist of our times, both converging into a magnificent illusion while meandering through.

Ishan Khosla and Shirley take you through a slice of history which reflects social hierarchies in our ancient past between merchants, business men and ordinary mortals. ‘Trade Routes’, an installation commissioned by ISB, Hyderabad uses wooden toysand miniature paintings to tell their story.

They call it the fourth dimension!!.... a brilliant use of motion graphics and optical illusion made Design Factory a name to reckon with. The Gateway of India was transformed into a huge living canvaswhere its architectural features were wrapped with extra flair…as Saurabh says, “the artefact became the backdrop, the digital presentation the protagonist and the physical space the interface”.

The Living Dying theory…. Shell Mycelium curated by Asif Rehman and Giombattista Arredia at the Kochi Biennale talked of a concept that makes for a ‘temporary permanence’, the curious mix of opposites!!This needs to be seen and read to be believed…an exhibition that holds space at a givenpoint of time and inflicts destruction on its physical existence with time. Brilliant concept!

Kahani Design works by Palsule and Madhok brings to life ideas inspired through conversations and research. They look at exhibitions as “a medium of exchange between institution and audience…. making the exhibition process an iterative journey”. Meroform was equally noteworthy in curating the exhibition of green building practices.

Lastly Rahul Mehrotra’s work on the Kumbh Mela set the mood for an exhibition experience at the Venice Biennale. Be curious and step inside to enjoy it. Watch the strategies he has utilised to make the experience real and life like! And you have many more pages that may trap your eye!!

Cheers! Hope you find the February issue informative and worthwhile!