Definitions which speak volumes to leave us with volumes untold to muse about! How do we zero in on one ‘good definition’ for Design? But then, is it essential to have a well-defined definition? When that ‘z dimension-unseen’ is what is responsible for the core and crux of a Design experience, won’t it be a contradiction to try and define it? Maybe we should only try to define the larger realms of Design; ‘Re’-searching and starting from the necessity which validates the existence of Design.

‘Any effort to make an existing situation better’! For me, t his line emphazising the purpose of Design has been the closest to explaining Design. A n act consciously pursued towards finding solutions for making life easier, happier. Though very simple and loosely knit, this basic definition is remarkable because of its potential to bring all good endeavoursin the past present and futureunder the domain of Design. Thus, from the wheels to the many feats of the Industrial Revolution , to the skyscrapers and the space cities, everything pertains to Design!

With such an open approach, we today have numerous categories like Furniture Design, Accessories Design, Product Design, Industrial Design, Graphic design, Fashion Design….the list is endless. They are all worthy; sourced by definite needs and functions, sculpted by sharp tools and technology and summed with good aesthetics and philosophies. This all-encompassing perspective into the multitudes of Design disciplines but is beyond the scope of our discussions via a few issues of ‘the Insite’. How do we reason and steer off from these celebrated listeesand zero in on our immediate context? Therealms where Design is about‘Space’ - Architecture? Well, devoid of all frills and fringes, mankind still only seems to have three primary needs-food, shelter, and clothing . Architecture catering to shelter,a necessity is thus an imperative primary science. Again, H W Longfellow presents another argument; ‘Ah, to build, to build is the noblest of all the arts. Painting and sculpture are but images, shadows having in themselves no separate existence. Architecture, existing, and not in seeming a something it is not, surpasses them as substance shadow”.

We now stand justified to explore the journey into Defining Design majorly within the realms of the Art and
Science of Architecture. I understand; we are IIID;and IIID is about Interior Design! We sometimes get into exercises of defining Interior Design and Architecture separately or drawing lines to give them their own spaces; but always futile.the origin of Architecture itself was in Interior Design ; those first instances when caves or tree hollow were adapted to dwelling places. Architecture is thus not separate from Interior Design or vice- versa. A classic example of Child being the father of the man. Or an analogue to, ‘what came first- the Chicken or the egg? ‘Louis Khan’s famous definition says, ‘Architecture is the thoughtful making of space’. It doesn’t warrant any physical act of ‘building’ as such. Let our wisdom define to us Architecture the parent art and Interior Design its soul with their entwined relationship to each other shaping our fundamental take on this.

When the very program for any architectural exercise is to house and nurture an Interior Space in the best possible way; When no Interior can happen without the nourishing womb and shell of Architecture to hold it, where is the conflict? They are but one, working on two axes but towards the same single result of a complete beautiful space for beautiful people. Let them always be in a warm embrace.