Have you heard this proverb? Or should I ask; haven’t you? That is what is special about proverbs; you wouldn’t have heard about it until somebody reminds you and helps you recollect that you have. Pearls of wisdom buried so deep below the sea beds of our conscious and subconscious minds that you don’t realise it is there. Crazily rhymed with an archness and oddness to make some weird sense even while it doesn’t, proverbs come back to us only much later when you are caught in equally crazy situations…like me these days.

I am referring to the ‘editing’ happening for the IIID- NDTV GOOD TIMES to ensure that mission ‘Taking Design to the Masses’ reaches all our viewers precisely every Saturday at 7.00 pm. Believe me, these are not such GOOD TIMES here in the editing chair. For one, the kinds of activities that have happened at each Chapter / Centre are so amazing that each can be an episode in itself. However, we just have 11.5 minutes to portray those wonderful battles on the Ground. Well NDTV experts insist that to capture nationwide general viewership we need to have a general segment running parallel, and thus we embark on a series of panel discussions on twelve most relevant topics concerning Design and the Masses. Well, it seems to be the biggest mistake ever!

But then this mistake is worth attempting; more than worth so. Twelve select missile topics, which can penetrate deep into our understandings of Designing for the Masses, 60 subject experts + 1 challenged. (I look exactly that besides great guns like Jaya Jaitley, Rajiv Sethi, and the lot. Somebody had to bell the cat for IIID and the lot fell on me). The mistake specifically was because NDTV thought that Designers are absolute fools true to the popular belief ‘lot of talk and no content’. Their instructions for the shoot were simple. One and a half hours of discussion for 11.5 minutes of airing time. Gosh! These discussions are power packed and need a minimum of an hour, which is required to be edited to 11. 5 mins. Snipping off even the slightest pauses, cutting bits from here and there and stitching it together for each panellist for a smooth, seamless and comprehensive discussion! Impossible! Pain in the…say neck! That is what it has given me.

Well, folks never thought I would be doing tailoring any day. But jokes apart, this is the best thing which can happen to IIID. Indeed ‘A stitch in time’! Suddenly the proverb is so full of meaning! This stitch brings together our entire campaign for ‘Taking Design to the Masses’ across territories intellectual and geographical to weave a layered fabric rich with glimpses of our efforts and ideas put together in an unparallel way. A story knitted by all of us and the 1.2 billion people of this country. I must say IIID has made ‘the best stitch ever in time to be frozen as a special moment in time’.