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Hello, it should be right there on your desk. No? Check the drawers. Your secretary’s desk too. Check the waste bins too…Got it? Fine. No, I am not offended. Can’t say I myself was not like you
before. But don’t you see? Today is different.

‘LIVE A LIFE LESS ORDINARY’ is the new catchword for ‘Grey Group Asia Pacific’, the company campaigning for new recruits for the Indian Army. ‘Whenever we say Indian Army, the first image that comes to our mind is Sunny Deol firing a Bazooka on the Pakistan border! Eulogising just physical valour and thus the army imagery pushed to one corner. The current campaign is about Indian Army being ‘the most exciting playground for today’s youth. Coupled with valour and honour, it projects a picture of opportunities galore to explore themselves’.

However here, I am talking about recruits to IIID! The impending ‘Change of Guard’ at Chapters and Centres! The nomination form sent to you is also a hearty invitation to discover the leader in you. A call to step upfront to ideate and implement many a dreams and projects towards a ‘Design Aware India’ – the need of our times. That age-old image of a few mundane professionals, idealistic cronies or just limelight hungry moths, making a beeline to Mumbai once a month to do almost nothing - delete it! Even in the most remote of past tenses, you are absolutely wrong.

2015-2017 with Pratap Jadhav and his Dream Team in the lead, have seen IIID truly evolve as the apex professional body of Designers in the Country. Today IIID has a voice and a credible vision that is heard and seen across India and a few places across the Globe as well. In our mission statements, larger than life objectives, exciting avenues of activities and listed time bound goals pursued by our organised cadres, we are at par with any Corporate. Our management Mantra of the ‘IIID Yantra – the Wheel’ is a powerful tool, second to none, formulated by any IIMs. Believe me, IIID is the real place for you to be as the Country inches towards 2020 to be a Super Power. Towards this, IIID has already taken Design to the masses and, in Tharoor’s words, “made Design an issue for every Indian”. So yes, take that nomination form and give it a thought. If you have it in you, don’t shelve it. But then good members are not a secondary deal. Being a true member of IIID in itself is a great adventure in the post Design Yatra scenario of today. What would be wrong is to enlist without giving it a thought. You need to have the call, the time, and the passion for working selflessly to make dreams happen.

So yes, reach for your nomination form and be part of the Chunaav; in your best way, in your best shoes, to play your best role!